Bones, Branches, Boughs – Antlers as Accessories

I’ve been wanting antlers as accessories for approximately ten thousand years, give or take a few. Plicka made a set of antlers attached to hair, by request, but it was for adult males only, and obviously had only one hairstyle. Credit for the actual antler portion of the mesh goes to wintermutai1.

Anyway, with my newfound powers of MilkShape, I separated the antlers from the hair and remapped them, then threw together some fresh textures and recoloured them! Ta-da! They come in Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, White, Light Grey, and Teal (specifically for Nett, but surely someone else wants to make a teal deer?) flavours. The title is from The Queen’s Rebuke, from my favourite Decemberist’s album! I always imagined that the Queen had antlers…

The antlers are for both sexes, from young adult through elder. I’m working on teen and child versions, but especially for the children, this means I have to do the meshes from scratch (obviously the chilluns don’t have fully formed stag antlers!).

Files are compressed, and all junk ages have been removed. Antlers are layerable with other accessories, and will be worn at all times, even when nude.

Please note, this is for the antlers only. All sims in the screenshots are wearing anthro outfits from Beosboxboy/Marvine/SynapticSims, available here. The ears are just my elf template ears on the smallest setting.

ETA: These antlers are for The Sims 2. There is a version for Sims 3 by Claeric available here at Mod The Sims.

Download the Townified Version

(Warning: this version WILL spawn on townies, dormies, and NPCs!):

BonesBranchesBoughs - Townified - 1.34 MB (Downloaded 670 times)

Download the Non-Townified Version:

BonesBranchesBoughs - Non-Townified - 1.34 MB (Downloaded 1030 times)

ETA: Trappingit has made some delicious antlers as well! They are far softer and more velvety than mine, AND they are all ages! Because they are so awesome, I will probably not make mine all-ages. XD Go get hers!

Click here for more pictures:



  1. I love these. I love everything you make actually. I never comment or say thank you and that sucks. So, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for all of the hard work that you do to make my little Sims world a nicer place.

  2. Hey this is probably a silly question but are these TS3 or TS2?

  3. KATU THANK YOU SO MUCH! These were on my ‘to do’ list and now I don’t have to much around in Milkshape myself – thank you for saving me that. ;) They look FANTASTIC!

    • Oh dang, I should have just waited for you to do them! XD Nah, just kidding. Honestly, the Milkshape bit is my favourite bit. I’m not a big fan of the SimPE part. DO I SENSE FROM YOUR COMMENT THAT YOU MAY BE INTENDING TO DO SOME RECOLOURING OR TEXTURING? BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Also I’d be happy to upload the texture map and hi-res antler textures if anyone is interested.

      • Heehee! Well, all I really wanted was the brown antler-type color, but I’d be happy to do some recoloring if anyone had any specifics in mind! :)

        I can muck around in SimPE (with a tutorial to base my actions off of) but I don’t yet have much Milkshape experience. Hmm… seems like we have complimentary experiences here…. ;)

  4. These are so lovely, thank you!


    *translation: These are awesome! I love antlers, horns, etc… these will look great on my sims! Definitely looking forward to little child-version nubby horns, too. (: Thank you so so much!

    • You know, I actually understood most of that BEFORE the translation? I speak quite a bit of Squee myself, took it for two years in high school. XD

      I am working on the children’s version now! I got a little sidetracked and made some tails…I should really do one thing at a time, lol.

  6. This is amazing, I was hoping something like this was available. Thank you so much!!!

    • Well you are in luck, then! XD Seriously, I can’t believe no one had done these before! I mean, there were some made up for sims 3 (that I have on my legacy founder, lol), but still!

      <3 Thanks so much!

  7. Omgyes these are amazing <333
    Thank you! :D

  8. I’ve been wanting antlers for my sims for a really long time, thank you so much for making these! They look beautiful!

  9. I love them! Thank you!! :3

  10. So cool! Thanks for sharing these!

  11. HAPPY NETT IS EXTREMELY HAPPY! *tears of joy*

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